HostBlast Review: What really happens after you sign up?

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HostBlast review
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This HostBlast review will give you a clear overview regarding hosting reeaaally cheap hosting.

$0.50/month unlimited hosting, how cheap?

I signed up for a “platinum plan” for just $2/month. Why not?

So, this HostBlast review is based on my experience.

You want really cheap but good hosting with world class customer support?

I also share with you a hosting alternative that will blow your mind.

Hostblast review basis

I’ve read a couple of customer HostBlast reviews online.

Some of them are genuine but some look to be self-promotion.

My hostblast review is based on the following services:

  • Server uptime
  • Customer support

What is the better way to review a service than looking at “the bad” vs “the good”?

So without wasting another minute, let’s quickly dive into the pros and cons of HostBlast hosting services.

Pros of HostBlast hosting

So here’re the benefits of hosting with

1. Really really cheap hosting.

There’s no doubt, this is by far the cheapest hosting plans you can find.

2. No up-sells.

Unlike other providers such as, doesn’t throw stuff at you to buy. Checkout is pretty clean and straight forward, no BS.

3. Supports Paypal.

Now this means you’re protected by Paypal which is a big deal because you can file a refund via Paypal if the service isn’t delivered to you.

4. cPanel

I have hosted with other providers like that have a custom control panel. Oh boy… you spend a lot of time trying to understand the new control panel. HostBlast gives you the usual cPanel you’re already used to so you don’t waste time.

Cons of HostBlast hosting

1. Extremely High server down time

You saw that 99.9% uptime guarantee?

That is not what you exactly get when you pay

Your website will go off.

Now I’ve read some reviews of customers who’re happy with server uptime.

Here’s what is happening.

You think you’re website is on at all times because each time you visit it yourself you find it available.

Here’s what I did.

I added my website that is hosted on HostBlast to pingdom and let pingdom do the monitoring.

The results?

16 hours of downtime!

That is not all.

2. The WORST customer support ever!

So, because my website is offline I try to contact them via chat.


All chat departments are offline.

Well, so I decide to open a support ticket.

After a day (over 24 hours), I receive a reply.

3. They’re always restarting or updating their servers

This is the kind of response you can expect when you demand an explanation from a tech rep.

4. Your purchase may take hours to be approved.

So you’ll see pending on the hosting service you just purchased until like the next day.

Do not panic.

There’s a system upgrade. After which your account will then be activated 🙂

My Experience with HostBlast hosting

Well, as you can see my experience with HostBlast hasn’t been good. And that is exactly why I decided to write a comprehensive HostBlast review to give others that may be interested in the services an overview.

I didn’t know this until I decided to host this blog with them.

At first, I hosted a website with them, that I almost never cared about.

I never monitored it, I’d take weeks to visit it and everything seemed okay.

And if you asked for my opinion back then, I would have said they’re great.

It was until recently, when I decided to host a hobby blog that I’ve got to understand what in the world is happening.

I would wake up to write a post only to find my website unreachable.

So I’d just go back to bed, quite unhappy. I have a reason to go back to bed 😉

At some point I caught my website files removed red handed.

I freaked out!

I couldn’t log into cPanel either.

So I opened up a support ticket.

Now this one amused me.

After receiving a relatively quick reply.

I refreshed and bang, the website was back on.

In my mind, I thought to myself.

Was s/he playing around with files and thought I was not going to visit the website at that point in time?

Could they have been migrating?



I’d setup a auto backup so I could restore my website.

Now some people will say you get what you pay for.

I quite disagree with this popular belief.

Because you can as well get crappy services even when you’re paying high.

The only difference is, when you pay high you have the guts to yell on top of your voice because of your high expectations.

When you pay pennies, you’re a bit embarrassed 🙂

However, after giving my blog a second thought.

I decided to pack my bags and migrate.

It was time to move. lol

What I did (A cheap alternative)

So I looked around for yet another cheap hosting.

Guess what?

Namecheap actually gives you a shared hosting for as low as $30.55 per year.

That is $2.88 per month.

Namecheap shared hosting pricing

What an amazing deal! Sign up for Namecheap web hosting for a great price. To sweeten the deal, we’ll throw in a free .website domain and free WhoisGuard to help get you started. If you already have a website with another provider, we’ll help you move it to Namecheap for free.

I always saw this but didn’t take a closer look.

I was blinded because I am used to /month hosting plans.

Yet this is /year.

You might say, but Daniel that is just for the first year but you pay more thereafter.

Well, you’re right.

But let’s break it down a little bit.

Renewal price is $30.88/year.

Which is $2.88 per month.

This is still wayyy too cheap, it is like an introductory price for most of the popular hosting providers.

Plus here’s what you get on the “Value” hosting plan from Namecheap.

    • 20GB SSD-Accelerated Disk Space
    • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Up to 3 websites

The most amazing part of this is, you get the true 24/7 support.

I’ve started tracking uptime report for Namecheap, so far so good.

I shall be posting the report after at least a 30 days period has elapsed.

BTW, I went for a shared hosting plan because I can quickly woop up a WordPress website in minutes. Learn how you too can launch WordPress websites on a shared hosting.

FYI, They’ve also got EasyWP for WordPress managed hosting. Read about EasyWP Review here

And here is what you get with EasyWP from Namecheap.

  • Quick WordPress setup
  • WordPress website
  • 5GB of SSD Storage
  • Easy backups
  • 24/7/365 Support from Namecheap’s Customer Service Team

EasyWPBETA for just $8.88 for the first year.

Read EasyWP comprehensive Review by clicking here

Over to you

If you looked around the web, you may have come across some positive HostBlast reviews.

However, this HostBlast review is entirely based on my personal experience.

If you have a similar or different experience, I’d so much appreciate reading from you.

Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. Haha, thank you for your detailed report. I am having a huge issue with these friends. NetBlast will be used just for testing purposes. Unfucking believable: 24hours server downtime. I do not, DO NOT recommend it for anyone who cares about his site reputation and resources availability.

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