I am a full time website designer, teaching others how to make and launch their first website, successfully!

About the Chap

Hello…My name is Daniel Emunot. Yes, I am a website designer/Developer. I professionally build websites for people/ businesses full-time, for a living. I am also a freelancer on Fiverr

So What....?

So, with my experience, I started this website to help other people learn from my experience how to make websites faster, while doing it rightly and successfully!


I intend to create valuable content such as step-by-step tutorials, guides and videos to help beginners learn how to make websites design from scratch.

Personally, I learnt web design on my own after dropping out of school. I used online resources and learnt from others.

I believe by sharing my experiences, I am helping another person or two just like I was helped ( 5 years ago) who’ll be able to learn the skills and earn a living building websites in exchange for money.